Let us take one moment of your time, and try to imagine…


Once upon a time there was a girl. Passionate about Dutch handmade products and the stories behind them. She dreamed of sharing this passion with as much as possible other people. The Poush adventure started to come alive because, luckily, she was not the only one with this dream; there were two other girls as well. And together they wanted to make it happen. They started a plan, they made it happen. That’s how their Poush Story begins.

At first, there were several pop-up stores, where they gave small entrepreneurs a shop-in-shop space for their products. Unique, handmade, highly qualitative products. Those temporary stores were succesfull. Each time located in different shopping areas. And in these projects, the girls grew strong as a team and learned how they wanted to handle their retail story. They felt they were doing the right things and had so much fun doing it!

And before they knew it, a bigger dream was created. They wanted a store at one location where different labels have an opportunity to ‘pop-up’. The pop-up concept changed from pop-up location to pop-up participants in the store. And so they did! Their first long term location is the historic centre of Wassenaar.

Here, small businesses, creatives and start-ups can show their unique label, tell their Story and sell their products by Poush. They are given a spot, time and space to learn about how retail works for their products. All to grow as a entrepreneur. They receive feedback and are ventilated what customers like about the products or what can be improved. Fine tuning their products and inventing new ones.

One store soon became two stores. And within a small matter of time there will be a third store. Together with the small businesses participating in our concept, we stand strong, are unique, and have the possibility to grow.

So, in our stores you find products of different labels. Most of them are start-ups. They all tell their own story. These labels try to find their way in retail & you can help them grow! If you buy here, you buy from small business and with your purchase an actual person does a little happy dans.

Thank you for your moment. Now you’ve imagined how dreams can become reality just by sharing your passion. Don’t forget to be inspired by all the stories and buy yourself a dream!



Henriette, Wendy en Guusje