Garnet Baguette Triquetra


This baguette ring with a rectangle cut Garnet stone is accompanied with three dots on both sides. These three dots have a significant meaning: the ancient ‘triquetra’ symbol.

Three dots together strengthen each other’s power and thus, the power of the whole. If you would try to pull them apart, you will only make the ‘triquetra’ connection stronger, because the line connecting the three dots is infinite. It’s no coincidence that neopaganists have adopted the triquetra as an symbol of ‘the threefold goddess’ containing the three phases of a woman’s life: virgin, mother and (aged) woman.

This ring is set with a faceted Garnet stone. This stone is often the stone of a succesful business as its red color is believed to attract prosperity and abundance. They say Garnet will stimulate productivity and physical activity

Dimensions stone: 4×8 mm
Material: Sterling Silver and 22k Goldplated
The ring comes in size 6 (US), size 7 (US) and size 8 (US)

It is the perfect gift for any woman for any celebration: Mother’s Day, Birth of a child, a birthday, a graduation, a marriage, or any milestone

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